Eix ok
so since a 3.65 hack was released for the vita there's more stuff to do
so im leaving the 3ds scene
even though I haven't done shit with my godmode9 mod for awhile
3ds is also at the eol
nothing else to do with it except wireless communication in arm9
but the vita has more

with the new hack you can use henkaku on 3.65
but if you brick your fucked
so daddy gleba has a fork of the updater that allows the boot config to be loaded from ux0
im not on 3.65 yet because barely anything supports it yet
so im going to start working on some stuff
I want to be able to be able to reinstall ensō if I brick
so im going to work on a soft update
I don't have a 3.63 3.65 or 3.55 dump but I do have a 3.61 and 3.67 dump
with a soft update you can update your vita without writing to f00d
so you can downgrade back to the base firmware (3.60) from safemode
which would allow you to reinstall ensō and re soft update
I am pretty sure it will work the way I want it to but if it does work I wont be releasing it publicly for awhile (like 3-6 days after testing it)
if it does work though I may make a soft downgrader that would allow 3.60 function in 3.65
but im worried that would be too risky so Im not sure if I should do it
I know for a fact that I can soft downgrade to really low versions (2.6 range but that was awhile ago and lost to the accidental format of hurricane irma)
so a soft update shouldn't be hard
if anyone has a 3.55 3.63 or 3.65 (or any version that's not 3.60 3.61 or 3.67) dump let me know or send me a link to it on discord
im not sure if firmware dumps count as warez so I don't want any here
long live 3.600.011!
also on another note
I talked to yiffy in discord awhile back (idk probably around september or December last year) about henkaku and was told that when the henkaku source was released nobody used it even though they wanted the source
there was even issues with the code nobody noticed
so I went and tried doing some stuff with it and managed to break the Bluetooth settings menu
so im also going to try that again sometime
mainly because ensō and taihen (the true hentai cfw now that we have fAPP) are both missing something I find pretty important
and once I do it im sure atleast someone else will like it too
easiest approach for my taihen mod would be modding ensō first then taihen
and a 3rd thing im going to work on
fully custom firmware for the soft updater
I did this for my 3ds and it glitched out alot but im going to try rewriting the firmware aswell

if we get f00d hax then only the taihen and ensō mod will be useful though :/
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