• My family has owned several computers/laptops over the years. They all were made before 2007 I'm pretty sure and they all suck. I think we had one Toshiba branded laptop with an outdated Intel core but the rest are outdated AMD cores.

    I finally bought a laptop for myself and my world has been rocked.

    I made sure I got the best I could reasonable save up for. After 4 months of work, and $1500 saved, I bought an MSI Leopard GP63. This thing is pretty high end for $1500. We're talking:

    - 6 Intel i7 cores
    - 15.6" screen
    - 16 GB memory
    - 1 TB HDD
    - A customizable lightup keyboard (which isn't a big deal but i think it's fun)
    -1920×1080p screen (4k is overrated)
    -NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card

    I mean, for those of you who own good computers this may seem pretty standard but coming from the computers I've lived with my whole life, this is crazy. The fact that I can download a 3D game and it works at max graphic settings at 60FPS is dreamlike.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go play NES games in HD
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