Chary So it’s October 1st. Normally a day I don’t really pay attention to, except, a little glowing cake symbol alerted me to the fact that today’s my seventh anniversary on this site.

That’s pretty amazing.

When I first joined, I thought I’d just mostly lurk around the site. Maybe potentially keep watch on if that wild and crazy security that the newfangled 3DS had would ever be cracked in the next decade. And then I ended up getting involved with the community of GBAtemp, and finding myself logging in daily, looking forward to my little visits. Then, I found myself interested in posting news, and finding an incredibly fun hobby through that. Through all the news, reviews, and dad-blogs, years quickly passed. When I was at my lowest, it was the people here who picked me back up, after the hurricane, with so much camaraderie and caring that it still makes me cry. In all the time I’ve spent here, I’ve made incredible friends and found a niche that truly makes me happy. And all of that has come from the tight knit community that this site has. So thank you, everyone, for an amazing seven years, and for many more!


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