• i have this bad habit of imagining everything i hear. sometimes it's proven useful though! since i wanna be an electrician, i actually end up using my hidden skills to imagine the circuit. however, it ends up being very annoying, too. a prime example of this is the other day, i was telling my mother about this 'skill' i have, but then she starts talking about her and my father... doing things. so at first i didn't realize what was going on, because i was too busy trying to suck out of those silly paper straws cause we got starbucks because yeah- and then i realized what was going on and the little cinema inside my brain just over heated. i open up the window in the car and puke outside of it and i was like WHAT THE FUCK MOM!!! and then she starts laughing her ass off, i'm wiping puke off my mouth then a fucking BIRD flies and not even kidding starts to EAT my vomit. i wanted to take a picture but i didn't get it in time:(

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