• Gah, just as winter's about to desert us, a cold hits me. First time since late last year... just my luck... and I was meant to have a Latin test today with my faggot teacher (I was meant to do it last Friday but I was away watching the state debating finals for Year 12s. It was shit). What a great way to end a good week.

    So now I've been stuck at home unable to sleep, watching TVB dramas (dramas from HK) since I can't sleep. I'm so tired and slightly hungry, although at the same time I don't feel like eating food since I know I'd feel quite uncomfortable. My nose feels quite dry and it's running quite badly, and I've taken quite a bit of medication.

    Any suggestions as to how I could make life better (other than playing video games, I tried that and I got a bad headache)?


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