Sono I noticed that when doing dangerous 3DS shit I always have insanely high levels of confidence, and despite having high chances to fuck things up, when I have confidence I get a 100% success rate. In fact, the same goes for everything which doesn't require me to use my weak points (like math or memorizing things (basically anything related to school)), including cooking, repairing things, or even just walking across the street or arriving somewhere in a thight time schedule.

What happens when I have confidence in what I'm doing:
  • I made two MCU brickers - I accidently tried both of them on the same 3DS - none of them worked due to a typo in the code
  • I had to repair a very old lock mechanism which had a big strong sharp spring in it - if it were to jump out it could do major damage to my hand or potentially to my eye - the spring got stuck until I closed the case of the lock after I have repaired the mechanical problem
  • I had to repair a plug which mom accidently yanked out of the wall - I had to bend a pin back on the live terminal because it was bent so inwards that it didn't make contact at all - I realized that I forgot to turn the power off all along and the insulation of my screwdriver was keeping me safe

What happens when I doubt my confidence even just the slightest bit? Let's see...
  • I had a doubt in Luma being able to be installed by the sighax insatller - I still didn't manage to restore the NAND of that 3DS, and I broke the ribbon on the other working shoulder button, making for no working shoulder buttons
  • I doubt being able to wash big dishes - dropped the biggest glass dish we had and smashed it into so small pieces that I'm still occasionally finding its pieces even after 6 years since the accident
  • I wanted to take a MacBook board and put it into a smaller and more porable case - freaked out from Linux spamming not being able to communicate with the touchpad while the fan was whining at 8191.75RPM - accidently shorted the 18V battery to the 3V data line like 1mm from it, killing the most critical chip on the entire board, including some of the power circuitry, effectively trashing the entire board (repairing it would cost more than a new board)
So yeah, even if you're doing stupid things, but have confidence in what you're doing, you can have success.

Note: having confidence won't save you from OBVIOUSLY stupid things like forking a mains plug, but has a very high chance from saving you in somewhat stupid situations.


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