Futurdreamz It took me FOREVER to find it.

On my OLD Blackberrys running BB7 and older, I could set it so that whenever it's plugged in it shows the clock (not importsnt) which automatically mutes EVERYTHING except for phonecalls and alarms (very important).

On my Blackberry Z30 I couldn't make it do that when plugged in, but a quick swipe on the lock screen launched Bedside Mode.

On my DTEK50, nada.

I have been using Meeting Mode, but a) that made most calender events mute my phone, even simple reminders i made but never bothered to unmark as "busy" and b) had a recurring "sleep" event that clogged up my calendar.

Finally figured out that I can set Priority Mode to activate during certain hours on certain days, and mute everything except alarms and phonecalls. In retrospect it was pretty obvious, But I have been looking for something else and didn't realize i didn't have to go through a five-step process every night to use Priority Mode.
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