• Hello my Friends.:)

    First of all:

    Thank you very much for all your Congratulations !!!
    That was really very,very nice and kind from you and I was very happy about them.

    Thank you very much.:wub:

    What have this Day brought with it ?

    The most important for me was to have a few Hours with my Wife.

    And of course....

    A nice Burger King Meal,I "insist on it" every Year.:)
    After that we had a nice Walk with our beloved Doggie Mufassa,the golden Retriever.

    Then comes the Presents.

    My beloved Wife surprised me with an Mega Disney Infinity Package:

    Then I got Spongebob and his Friends as "Plush Versions" and a tiny LEGO Space Ship Model from my Childhood.:)
    It was a very,very nice Evening and so ends my 50th Anniversary.

    Today we were invited by my Parents In-Law and there I got a........

    I was speechless.
    A few Months ago I watched an awesome Video on youtube from an Guy called "Held der Steine" from Germany:

    This is the first really great and most stable and awesome Enterprise Modell I saw in my Life.
    As Child I builded it many times with my LEGO,but you maybe know,it was very hard...

    The Saucer Section was everytime sooo heavy that my Enterprise(s) are all "tipped over",the Warpdrive Gondolas are...very unstable and after a "Phaser Hit" from an bad Klingon they fell off........:D

    After that Video I made some research but as the Guy already in the Video mentioned:
    "Impossible to get it in Europe"
    So,for me,that "Thing" was done and I never thinked of it again.
    (Also the Price was too,really too expensive for me...)

    Until today:

    P1370253.JPG P1370254.JPG

    This fine Masterpiece consists of 3098 ultratiny to big Pieces.
    I decided to NOT open the Package until I have really Time and Place for it.
    The ready built Ship is about 90 cm long so I also need a Place to store it
    (I already have decided to hang it up.:D).

    So another awesome Day near to end and I was (always be) very exciting about this never expected Present from my beloved "Second Family".

    On Thursday we will celebrate with our Groomsmen (Grillen and then maybe also Presents...:),my "Best Man" had his Birthday on August 2)

    On Friday we are invited to my Parents.

    Thank you for Reading,my Freinds.:)
    Thank you very much to be Part of this awesome Community and its really great People.❤


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