Gravity Rush

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  • I beat Gravity Rush and soulsnatcher wanted to know my thoughts whilst weaville wanted to know if the gaem was good. 140 characters really isn't enough to state my thoughts so I is making this blogz.


    • The visuals. I really enjoy looking at the game, it's distinctive and just lovely to look at. A lot of it has to do with my own personal love cel shaded graphics. It was really stylish which I do appreciated in my gaems because I feel stylish gaem like Persona 3 and 4 can ooze charm and personality, which I feel helps immerses the player.
    • I really liked the concept. The idea of manipulating gravity is really cool and original. The only other gaem I can think of was the Mario Galaxy gaems but having the ability to just manipulate gravity was really cool and has a lot of potential with the gaemplay.
    • I liked Kat as a protagonist. I was surprised at how charming I found her, she's likable and has good intentions which really comes across. In the end I found myself caring for her. She has this amazing ability but there's an element of innocence with her. She won't go down as the most fleshed out character in the world but she does have her charms.
    • The use of comic book style for narrative parts. Great idea. It allows for the story to be told without taking a fucking age to do which you don't want on portable. It's similar to Peace Walker's comic book cutscenes. This is good.
    • I never felt the GR was reliant on gimmicks nor did it force gimmicks on you (bar one which I will discuss). This is always a plus in light of how developers will force poorly thought out shit onto the player. The gravity slide where you press the touch screen and move the Vita to go right or left was fucking awesome. I really enjoyed the segments where you had to do that.
    • The soundtrack was sufuckingperb.

    • Combat is problematic. When doing gravity kick, you should be able to hit the enemy but said enemy just happens to move slightly therefore fuck you over. The movements of enemies can really make boss battle drag on and this isn't because it's hard, it's because elements of it weren't given enough thought. At the same time, it isn't broken to a point to finishing the gaem is difficult, it just makes things drag on longer than it should have. Particularly with the gravity system, you don't completely feel in control, there's learning curve there which I feel depending on how well you adapt to it will affect how much you enjoy the gaem.
    • The game is repetitious. You certainly will essentially replay levels because not mush was done to provide a greater amount of variety. Even with boss battles which can become repetitious. Because combat isn't great, it's really easy to just use special attacks, avoid damage and than use special attacks again. It doesn't really rely on skill too much, just patience.
    • GR was mainly free from gimmicks but I do question the logic of using swiping the touch screen to dodge. My left hand will be on the left stick to move whilst my right hand will be occupying the right sick and face buttons. How am I meant to dodge quickly and efficiently? In the end I didn't bother dodging, the game is easy.
    • All the enemies use the same fucking colour scheme. I can understand the reasoning as they're meant to be the same 'race' for the lack of a better term but it is really monotonous.
    • The story is shit. Alias and the Nevi are fucking Hekesville up so Kat is saving the city. Raven wants to save the Lost Tribe whilst the creators are like "DO SOMETHING KAT!"
    • Characters are meh. There's nothing inherently wrong with them, it's just their appearances are infrequent and they don't really do much. Raven would be cool if she was more frequent.
    Overall I liked GR. It is really flawed but I hope there's a sequel. I feel there is potential there to improve because I do think a GR sequel has the potential to be truly excellent gaem. It needs refinement to the combat system and variety in gaemplay. At the same time, I can understand why people didn't like GR, I wasn't enjoying it myself too much at first but fortunately it just clicked with me and I got to gripes with the gravity system.
    So yeah, I couldn't fit this in 140 characters.
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