• day five at 9:41pm

    so i'm going camping tomorrow. i think i'm leaving at like i don't fucking know lol maybe like 2 or 1 in the afternoon? it really doesn't matter though because i already set up everything. i gave all the slaves a bunch of crafts and shit to do. like this one craft, i actually pissed in a cup and then gave them a bunch of toothpicks and told them to get creative lol i cant wait to see what these retards come up with. man having slaves is so much fun really i recommend it one hundred percent. but always make sure your local area allows slaves! my local area doesn't but i don't really care lol i just rob vending machines and catch pokemon on my samsung a very nice song yesterday haha see what i did there? no? okay well that's too bad you suck anyways

    so. let me tell you guys a story since yesterday i was so exhausted. ahem, here i go. i will not commence to tell you all a story in maybe a few words idk but actually i changed my mind actually actually again i changed my actually mind again okay i will start now so once upon a time this is boring lets kick this shit up a nacho supreme macaroni on a dead fish with pipe cleaners as guts.

    howard was in bed with his wife sara. yeah ikr lol who the fuck names their child howard jk i love howard anyways let me continue. howard just finished pumping sara full of... er... car lube! so howard was all tired the fuck out and was like sara... and sara was like what da fuck u want bitch and howard got really mad like he went from a calm tomato to a really not calm tomato like i could snap my fingers right now and just before the sound waves hit your earballs you would see howard eating sara like a kangaroo impaled with a double barrel shotgun sitting on a porch built of fried rice like DAMN that motherfucker did sara dirty lol.

    alright so that's your story for the day. hope you liked it cause it's all you are gonna get for today.

    howard slept with more sara's and ate more sara's after the first incident...


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