astrangeone I grew up in the era of Games Workshop and the obsession of Space Marines. Never got into it as a child (as am female, and there was a high level of gatekeeping/bullshit in the hobby/community). Now that amiibo are out, and we can now customize figures, I figured that this is a great time to get into modding/making figures. My plan was to buy fake amiibo off of aliexpress and add the nfc chips into them.

My first wargaming haul:
- terrain stamp (Happy Seppuku's Castle Stone)
- hand drill (aliexpress)
- Apoxie Sculpt (I wanted to pick up milliput, but I worked with the stuff before, and it gets no go on that)
- paper clips (dollar store)
- coarse turf in dark green
- coffee grinder + twine (make your own static grass - my local wargaming shop didn't have any, but you could buy it as well).
- fake amiibo! (Pikachu, Samus, Mario and Link)

Mini Review on the Fake Amiibo:
- paint jobs are decent (eyes look good, but small bits on the things are weird, the colour of the bracers on Link are smudged)
- the moulding is terrible. The bases and the things come separately. If you want to display them, you had to slot the feet into the gold base. They usually didn't fit, and I ended up using the miniature's "pinning" method (eg. drill a hole into the base of the display and do the same for the feet.) Samus was the worse offender here, as her shoes did not want to fit into them. I ended up melting them with a soldering iron and wiring her into her base...
- the fake amiibo do not have nfc chips in them. So I had to open them up to add the chips.
- the colour of the Smash logo is different from the originals. Side by side, they are pretty obvious that they are a big fat fake.

Would I buy them again? No, probably not. But for $25 Canadian shipped - they work well as custom fodder.

My First Sculpted Custom:

Super Mario Cereal Amiibo!
custom cereal amiibo.

Fully sculpted out of apoxie sculpt (milliput is harder to work with).

Base = clear 52 mm miniatures base with the nfc chip in between them.

Castle stone texture stamp for the top of the base.

Things I've Learned...

Always put an armature in small thin objects. I broke the spoon trying to pin it. There's a pin in the spoon curve leading into the bowl, but I drilled through it, so I put a mushroom on top of the damage to hide it.

I cheated with the mushroom's colour/paint job - I had fine tip sharpies, and I just dotted the colour onto it.

Milk = gloss modge podge + two types of white paint.


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