• I thought I just have to check out this new Blogging option that GBAtemp offers to see if it is any good.
    Visual Editor is OK, but the thing I do not like is the URL they give us... Come on
    ?act=module&module=blogs&member= :wacko:
    How about some REWRITE rules in htaccess or something like that to give members "clean" urls or better yet a sub-domain like http:// GBXemu.GBAtemp.net
    I know that URLs like http://blogs.gbatemp.net/gbxemu work, but they do redirect to that ugly compilation of ?&modules?&

    Other than that - good idea to link user accounts with blogs so tempers can find out more about each other.

    Just me GBXemu testing how images and YouTube videos can be embedded.



    UPDATE: And it looks like the YouTube code is NOT working so no gbxemu video review for today :(
    And GBXemu GBAtemp Wiki page :teach:

    M3 Mini SD
    DS TopToy (DSTT)
    DS Linker 16Gbit
    CycloDS Evolution
    Acekard R.P.G.
    Acekard 2
    Acekard (V1)
    SuperCard DS One v3
    Supercard DS ONE
    R4 DS
    Nintendo DS - Slot 2
    Ninja Pass X9
    G6 Lite 4Gbit
    EZ-Flash V Plus
    EZ-Flash V
    M3 DS Simply
    M3 DS Real
    M3 Adapter SD
    Supercard Mini SD
    Supercard Lite Rumble
    Neoflash 512Mbit


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