breaktemp Hack Name: GBATemp Legend II

Hack of: Final Fantasy Legend II [GB]

Hello everyone, Break here with the release of "GBATemp Legend II".
Final Fantasy Legend II was the game that got me into RPGs, growing up.
It also made me a fan of the SaGa-series...the music and the interesting stories kept me hooked.
Over the past year or so, I have become aware of speedrunning.
And have watched a few submissions for Final Fantasy Legend II.
While I did learn a lot from watching these vidoes and replaying the game myself.
I felt that it could be a bit more fun...with a few tweaks.
So I immediately started on a quest to learn how to hack this game.
However...with no editing tools available,
I soon found out that I had to learn how to "Hex-Edit"
In order to make changes to the game.
It was a challenge to learn how to Hex-Edit,
But luckily I ran across some very patient and friendly users
Who had the knowledge and passion for SaGa-games
And very very cool about helping study and learn how to tackle this game.
After Hex-Editing and testing the gameplay a few times
I became satisfied with what my project and am ready to share it with the world.
It sure has been a journey from January 2019 ~ August 2019
But completed, I hope other RPG fans can enjoy this hack !

There have been no changes to the storyline or dialogue
It is the same as the unmodified Final Fantasy Legend II.

Progress ( Complete )
All selectable party members (starting stats & items/skills) - 100%
Mutant stat and skill growth rate - 100%
All enemy stats & items/skills - 100%
Skills that Mutants can learn - 100%
Guest member's items/skills - 100%
Random enemy encounters - 100%
Human stat growth rate - 100%
Boss enemy encounters - 100%
Town shop inventory - 100%
Treasure chests - 100%
Title Screen - 100%

RHDN Project Page :

Credits - The old forum that showed me how cool game editing could be. - Various submissions kept me motivated to continue work - Helped teach about Mutant skills - Valueable resource for getting familar with Hex-Editing the game - Very patient users that helped me get started - Encouragement and offers to be testers - For helping explain how to edit the title screen


Special Thanks:
@Den - Thanks for your patience over these past few months
You reponded so swiftly to any post, reply, or PM I sent your way
Also, your spreadsheet for this game was extremely helpful.
@DCdemonic1 - Thanks for explaining the human & mutant growth rates
Along with how "DS Level" influences mutant skills.
@sardonyx - Thanks for going out of your way to provide
So many resources on the Title screen behavior
I would not have been able to figure out
How to edit the title screen without your assistance.
@all-speedrunners - Your video submissions really helped
Me gain more insight on this games mechanics.
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