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Wolfy By Wolfy, Mar 26, 2020 2 0

  • There's good in playing every gaming platform. Whether it's Xbox, Playstation, any of Nintendo's stuff, or any ol' PC, they all have their own exclusives, and their own way to enjoy playing your game of choice.

    I've always just played whatever game interested me for the console I had at the time, most of the games I played were just ones that my dad bought to play himself. It wasn't until I got a home computer that I started to fiddle around with games since I then had the power to do what I wanted.

    I don't recall when I started playing games on Steam for the majority of my time, as I had made a Steam account on a laptop back in 2011 which I didn't use until the home computer. All I remember is an increasing desire to mod games, play around with addons for Garry's Mod and Skyrim. And yet I never believed it to be superior to console, as those had games you could only enjoy there, experiences you could only have there.

    The countless hours I spent in Halo 3 playing custom lobbies with random people met through matchmaking was amazing, of course things got heated sometimes, but for the most part it was a solid good time.

    As years went by I grew more accustomed to using a PC, and bought a pre-built in 2016. It wasn't the most amazing computer in the world, I had no idea what one even looked like, all I wanted was something that could let me enjoy what I wanted to do( as a home computer from years earlier was already pretty abysmal ).

    And as more time has passed, I've become more captivated by computers, not by some sheer superiority, but by the customization and the ability to tinker with the build itself and make it your own. It's what you make of it that matters, but isn't that the same for every endeavor?

    I still enjoy consoles, I fiddle around with my Switch and my Wii U from time to time, still love Halo and Smash. I just enjoy the ability to play what I want, however I want, whether it's using wonky controllers for emulators or just modding a game to ever-living heck.

    Just love games, for being games. And being able to see that takes a bit of time as well.


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