• So, I got a copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun for Christmas, and I began playing on New Year's Eve.
    Instead of choosing a male Trainer right off the bat like I usually do, I chose to do things differently and leave it up to RNG which gender Trainer I chose.
    I assigned each even number to the male Trainer, and each odd number to the female Trainer.
    The random number generator came up with this:
    So, I'm playing through the game as a female character. To be honest, it hasn't changed the story all that much and I'm kinda starting to get used to the NPCs calling me a "she" and a "her" instead of a "he" and a "him".
    I haven't customized her all that much yet because I'm really early into the game (haven't even done the first trial) and there aren't that many customization options yet, but here she is anyways:
    Screenshot taken with Luma3DS Custom Firmware.
    I personally like playing this way and don't see why I haven't before. I'll definitely consider my options before blindly rushing in next time.
    So, that's it! Thanks for reading!


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