• Ok, so rather than updating the original Blood Drive post, I'll make a new one. The goal of this blog is to see if my original findings from the PSVita Release of Corpse Party Blood Drive hold up to the new PC release.
    What's New?
    Only a few small things were added to Blood Drive on PC. For starters, you have 3 languages to choose from in the settings: English, Korean, and Japanese. Next up, you can adjust Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Brightness, Contrast, Windowed Mode, Quality, and Resolution. I believe the Resolution options are bugged, because it defaulted to 3840x2160 @50Hz rather than 60. The game still runs at 60 according to Steam's FPS counter... Quite odd. Oh, and the Infinite Battery trick is now an option under Gameplay.
    As with most PC games, you can use Keyboard, or a controller. I personally use, of all the controllers I could use, a GameCube Controller. Mapping it went smoothly with the C-Stick to spare (though I might make it my QTE Options, not sure yet.) Do note that the Mayflash Adapter in PC mode makes Corpse Party Blood Drive crash on startup. If you ignore the error message and go back to the main app, you'll find it plays perfectly fine.​
    What's Different?
    Well, codeglue was involved... whoever the hell they are. Loading times are significantly reduced, like the mobile version. There's a font change from the usual font that has been in every other game, including the PC port of Corpse Party 2U... Oh, and the game is fucking busted. On 2 occasions I thought I broke the game, both times were in Chapter 1. The first scare came from the portal effect when Ayumi and Misuto are about to go to Heavenly Host. The portal effect came in, then disappeared, and they kinda just stood there. After a bit of waiting, the game started behaving as normal. The second hiccup was with Mayu. She's supposed to chase you around until you get to the locker. Well, when I died a stupid death for an achievement and reloaded my save, she just didn't move from her starting position. She also didn't have her ghostly blue glow and was completely docile until I got to the locker. After the tutorial, I saw her again, but now she was behaving as normal, just not glowing blue like she should. I should investigate this to see if it was a one-off thing or if it can be replicated.
    And it's using a newer Unity build:

    LUA Changes
    Well, they changed it. They changed the LUA dialogue system... slightly. Instead of just having access to the dialogue in each LUA file in StreamingAssets/LUA, it points to a specific dialogue file. This is probably because of the Japanese and Korean Language options. This probably means that you can edit the dialogue if you have the patience to decrypt the assets in the main Data folder.
    Here is the PC Version compared to the Vita Version. This comes from Chapter 3, when the player interacts with a phantom in the Custodian's Closet.

    So the videos in the StreamingAssets/Movies folder are unprotected. You have the English, Korean, and Japanese videos from about halfway through the game, both openings, and the ending. The Japanese video from about halfway through the game has English subtitles. Why? No fucking clue.

    Save Data
    It's stored under AppData/LocalLow/XSEED/Corpse Party_ Blood Drive/Saves
    It appears to be the same style to that of the PSVita Version. I can't seem to remember if it had a saveheader DAT file.

    Haven't gotten around to finding where they are, but I assume they work in a similar manner to the original (A faceless bust with a set of faces that the game is able to pick from, or something like that.)

    That's all I've got for now, might come back with more, might not.


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