Youkai Hey ppl,
Just found a dead cat on my way to work .... I was riding my bike as allways and saw something black next to the street ... upon crossing that black thing I noticed it was a Cat and I was rather "shocke", not that it was looking disturbing or anything (looked pretty much in one piece) but I have two cats myself and seeing that cat there made me really sad.

Before I could think again I was already gone a few meter and was thinking if I should go back and look if it is really dead or if it could be rescued.
somehow I made me think "there is no way it is still alive and I need to go to work".

Now I am really sad and angry with myself that I didn't look especially as I can imagine how hard it must be for the Cats family especially if it could have been rescued :(

I will go check it on my way back in 6 hours ... I really hope the cat is either really dead or only sleeping so that it didn't have to fight for its life while I just crossed it withouth helping ;(


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