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    Before many of you panic, lol, I wanted to type a really quick blurb. I've retired from Magazine Staff and have been respectfully moved into the Former Staff category. The reasons for doing so are very simple, I've found something important in life that requires my full attention (--no i'm not sick or anything like that! --knock on wood!! --x10!!!) and I no longer have any free time to dedicate to GBAtemp. The decision to retire from my position was not an easy one. I've had a great run on this site. I worked hard to influence the site's content by making the front page Homebrew friendly. I've brought some interesting new features to the site. I've promoted and demoted. I wrote some mother fucking kick ass reviews! I've been responsible for the public release of more than a share of Homebrew projects..... and more!

    Through all of the ups and downs I had some of the best opportunities that could ever happen to a person. I learned a lot about myself, discovered what I was capable of, made some good friends, and even lost a few.

    The things I'll always remember are how I got here, who i met on the way up, and what fun it was running the Magazine Staff.

    Fear not, I asked to be moved into the Former Staff category for a reason. I want to be involved without being required to be involved. I have a few reviews planned (time permitting, and nothing crazy but some fun hardware none-the-less). I am going to continue to write the Monday Recommends articles (at least until it hits 52 issues). I will also be around on IRC and spending time with the staff, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to influence something or other.

    Best of luck to all of my friends here (you know who you are). If you know where to find me then stop by and chat. (Why do I feel like I just graduated from High School again...?)

    -Another World


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