LuigiBlood So the remake of Flashback is finally released, so I got the Original Soundtrack on YouTube:

I won't be able to get the remake yet, I have to wait for the PSN/PC version to release. Not to mention I hear there's some serious bugs so I got right to wait more.
I admit the OST isn't that great, and I got disappointed that it wasn't rearranged versions of the original, but overall it's not awful so I uploaded it for everyone.

Here's a remix of the Main Theme in the remake's style:

Technical moment:
Flashback remake includes original PC DOS version of Flashback, but then I discovered some MOD files, which leads me to believe it's a port of REminiscence:
I also hear the port is badly made, as the music doesn't play at all, and it's not even fullscreen. That's too bad.
So I got answer from VectorCell and it turns out they couldn't get the rights to use the original music. I can't blame them for that. For the fact it isn't fullscreen... it seems they didn't want to use some HD filters.

And then I rereleased my first album, Quantum Tunnel, on Bandcamp:
Free, or you can even name your price!


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