Firebrand Study

JuanMena By JuanMena, Mar 18, 2020 0 1

  • And I fucking quote myself:
    Today, my middle finger just got healed. I'm a fucking Xmen or what?
    No, really, proud of my healing factors. Could fucking kill Wolverine with nothing but Forks and Butter Knives.

    So, as usual, I'm back to drawing again. If you're wondering... yes that's all I do all day all days all year all my life. Or what's left from it.

    So, I've never been able to draw Firebrand, and I decided that it should be interesting to create an anatomy, pose, light and shadow, character and inking study. All in one. Like a fucking McCombo or something.

    So, I still gotta fix a lot of shit about this. And it will be good shit.

    I'm so hyped to learn that I'm a fucking Xmen, and my main power is being able to repel people. Proud of it. LOL chicken mcnuggets.
    Gotta add a dragon, fucking cars and weapons, and tiddies.

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