Alex4U well shit this will be bad.

I was sleeping, until 11PM... my parents woke up... for celebrate my birthday... (wasn't 12AM to celebrate?)
(I didn't even remember my birthday lol)
meh, I wrote this because I'm bored and tired about the damn homework.
anyway, tomorrow will be a frustasting day, Why? Here's some reasons why:
  • Because I have a lot of homework I didn't finished, (I'm already going to finish the school. (bUT WHY HOMEWORK?!?!) ) Since I've focusing on homework these days, I feel so frustated, just focusing on homework these days makes me so frustated, I even didn't had free time to play or do something.
  • Tomorrow ALL my family will come to celebrate me... Yes, It's frustating because they will stay until 6PM and I need to finish my homework, here's one worse part: I haven't finished my homework and my parents are psychologists, so they'll force me to convive with my family (ewww)
  • I've feel sick over one month thanks to the school, (There are a lot of people sick, no, not mentally, well some I think lol) I don't feel so nice to do something, I tried everything to cure me, but it works slowy like if was Sonic 06' loading screen. So, tomorrow I will feel horrible because the homework, the family, and the sickness.

  • My parents doesn't let me to get outside, I mean by this whenever I need to buy material from the school (not common things, I mean by this, chips, arduino stuff, etc.) (yes, I'm on that stuff, and my school have that things to study or whatever) They doesn't let me. So, I'm 16 right now (yeah so?) but they still treat me like a child?! Really?! Dammit. So, they need to buy it. Sometimes I want to stay alone, but they rarely leaves me alone on the house, or rarely, I go to buy that stuff alone. But really, most time they buy it when I can alone, they think I don't know how to get back to the house or something like that? I even sometimes lie to my family I'm going to go to my dad's home, so, I can go where I want. I said this because that day I wanted to stay alone on my birthday just for some minutes for relaxing somewhere, like a park. But naw. They think I'll get lost.

But hey... at the least somethin' good for me is coming... my Snivy plush I bought from some online shop. I talked about this sometime ago (just a bit) on my profile status. (yes, I wasted my money I had on that Snivy plush, I know you'll say buy a better thing but eh...) That Snivy plush will come at 2PM. (HOPEFULLY) at my home. (because I set the hour and the day duh)
ps:that snivy plush can talk

meh anyway... I don't have any last words to say... Just a "Pew!"
how creative...


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