• You know how some species of animals can go without their head for a few days after and not die? Thats me rn tbh.

    like im super duper lost rn. Like deadass. And on top of that i feel super bad for bugging homebrewers rn.

    Like they could be solving the solution to cancer or doing physics that makes space travel possible and im stuck on whats 4 × 7 cause im a stupid idiot brain who cant do math and i know now that i should ask for help.

    I value and envy people who can do math and stuff like that good on them. Powerful. Yall are poggers. You are the reason i stay up at night wondering why i cant be like that. I cant do math.

    Apologizes to homebrews everywhere.


  • JuanMena
  • w247
  • AkiraKurusu
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