• Hello once again! Im back!

    I kinda neglected GBAtemp, pardon me.

    Abt the console customization, i did it, but it was very amateurish(as to be expected, i was new at this) and i felt i could do better, and i wont be posting, i felt kinda defated it took a while. It still works but it was not the way i wanted it to have it and i accidently stripped the controller screw, so i dont count it as succesful, but i do have parts tho.
    I think id get a replacement PS1, i feel guilty.
    ( I also found Mr. Driller for the PS1! It was so fun just like the PC version i found on The archive website. I also got Metal Gear Solid! And Super Monkey Ball! )

    My brothers PS4 was fixed, we had to send it outta town, the hard drive got fried in the blackout all that while ago (can u belive it was that long ago?).

    I should study technogly more, im not the best haha, i think it'd help!

    Thank u for listening! Have a good evening!
    And a happy new year!!


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