Earning $ Again

defunct32 By defunct32, Feb 11, 2021 3 1

  • Been unemployed since October of 2020 after suffering for 2 years holding on to the notion that my previous job, the office, its people and environment will get better in time but it got progressively worse instead and by almost the end of 2020 I decided to throw in the towel pandemic or not, my mental state is worth more than money could ever buy me from a monthly paycheck. Sure, I have bills to pay, we all do and fortunately I have a tidy sum stashed away so I was able to get by.

    Now in February 2021 before my savings get all dry & wrinkly on me I decided to grab ahold of any job I can be it part-time, or contract based, and yesterday was my first shift as a part-timer in a call centre (working from home). Not sure how the future will unfold? However, having faith that things will always work out comforts me. Persevere and look for the best in the worst of situations and you'll come out on top.

    I also wanna add that having monthly income again is really a nice feeling and something I appreciate having again so I can continue to feed my tummy, pay the bills and get myself some brand new games, it's not much for now but it's better than absolutely nothing... Life's fleeting.
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