• I really hate being in this situation. Need for Speed is getting a reboot that focuses on urban street racing and car customization, while keeping Cops in the game, which sounds epic as fuck. And Star Wars Battlefront games are happening again.
    I was at first legitimately exited. I always loved Star Wars Battlefront and it's sequels and I hadn't been exited for a new Need for Speed game ever since NFS Carbon.
    This is, in theory, a great time to be a fan of both series. Until you realize that both are getting published by EA.

    EA games lately tend to have such a huge aftertaste making people, myself included, just want to wait and see how badly EA fucks up their games.
    EA announced that Need for Speed will have a online DRM even if you want to play the singleplayer offline, if the game even has singleplayer that isn't shit like the one in Most wanted (Criterion).
    If this "always online" thing would greatly benefit the game I wouldn't mind at all. However history has shown that in cases of Sim City and Diablo 3 this probably doesn't end very well.
    DRM in general doesn't work very well. EA believes that pirated games and games sold through second hand are lost revenue. Which is flat out false. If I buy a game second hand it's because I don't think the game is worth the full price and would rather want to get a used copy and not support the creators of the game or I simply can't afford the full price. Same goes for Piracy. If I pirate the game it can be because of a lot of reasons. For example my polish cousin who lives in Poland, a country that isn't necessarily rich, got a PSP from her dad because of how easy it is to pirate games on it. They can't afford buying these games yet they still want to give something to her daughter to play with. They wouldn't buy these pirated games anyway so there is literally 0 revenue lost.
    And yet still EA thinks it's necessary to fuck with Pirates to make the game unavailable to them with methods that burn legit customers more than pirates. Look, if a pirate isn't able to play a game that he pirated, he doesn't care. He lost time trying to make the game work but that's all he looses. However is a legit customer pays 60/70€ for a product on day one, or even pre-oders it, and the servers won't allow you to connect because it's SimsCity all over again then you not only waste peoples time but also their money, trust and respect.
    Not only that but you are also locking away customers who don't have Internet connectivity. Why would you want to do that?.
    Frankly I shouldn't care for other people, I have a Internet connection since I'm writing this blog entry but what if my connection is used up on something else? I run a small YouTube channel. When I upload Videos it usually eats up my entire bandwidth. Now if I had to upload a Video and YouTube tells me "estimated time: 2H" then I might want to play some games to pass that time right? If I was like "I'm feeling like I wanna play NFS" then I couldn't because I can't connect to the servers while.
    This is just fucked up and extremely anti consumer.

    And the story about Star Wars Battlefront pretty much writes itself. There are only 12 maps on 4 planets so Galactic Conquest isn't a thing anymore.
    There is no Clone Era, an Era that I've grown up with. Yes the prequels are flawed, I recently re-watched them, but everything prequel related that isn't a movie is usually pretty great. The Clone Wars Series (both of them) are pretty entertaining to watch and explain a lot of stuff that clarifies the events of Episode 3, Republic Commando Clones quickly became my favorite Clone Troopers after playing the videogame and even the idea that a clone army is able to think creatively, develop personalities just like normal humans but turn nuts, once Order 66 is given, is pretty interesting in it's own right. And now they are dropping it from a game that probably has a higher budget behind it than the previous battlefront games combined (including the PSP exclusive games).
    Also, there are no space battles which, when I've read it, instantly killed all the hype that was left in me. Space battles was my favorite addition to Battlefront 2.
    Not including this is like selling me half of the product. And let's be serious, Star Wars Battlefront is half of the product than what it should be.

    And what really infuriates me is that for once I wanted to spend my money on a EA product but EA keeps telling me that they don't want it.
    So it looks like I will save myself 140€. Probably gonna spend it on other games that deserve more attention than this bollocks.
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