Chary Well, I've been in Los Angeles for a few days, having a total blast! It's almost time for the big part of the event to start, and I've got a ton of fun stuff lined up, like a meeting with (best company ever) XSEED, being able to try out all of Bandai Namco's upcoming games, and yes, even an interview with Nintendo while in a VIP room watching the new Smash Bros be played at a tournament!~ I can't wait to experience all that stuff, and describe it all! :D

But before that, @Hells Malice and I decided to write a blog detailing the grandest of things--a blog entirely dedicated to the awesome food we've been ordering while in the Pasadena/Arcadia/Los Angeles area!

Staaaarting wiiiiith...


[Chary] Oh heck yes. In N Out is a staple of a Californian's diet (if you are one and you don't eat it daily, FIGHT ME) Literally the best burger to ever exist! Even if eating like, 1/4 of it is enough to keep me full the whole day ;A;

[Hells Malice] It was pretty good m8s. I approve. Quite big for the price too. Fries were alright. I'd order it again.

arbor1.jpg arbor2.jpg 20180610_125049.png

[Hells Malice] Don't worry, we didn't eat the peacock. Just a simple chicken club sandwich at the Arcadia Arboretum, and some fresh fruit. Awesome tho, I was surprised. I didn't expect much. Bit dry.

[Chary] It was super dry! Hello mayonaise, where were you? Really was better than any right it had to be, as "zoo" food though. ...Now I'm wondering...was that piece of chicken really peacock meat?!



[Chary] Yes, yes, all of the yes! Fair Oaks Pharmacy is seriously perfection in the form of an ice cream shop. You could order a glass of pure dirt, and they'd find a way to make it taste delicious. Huge portions, super good food. There's a reason it's been around for 100+ years!

[Chary] That banana split took me way off guard. When they carried it out, I had no idea how huge it was gonna be, cuz holy crap, that's a lot of dessert for only 10 bucks. I feel like I sound like a commercial for them at this point, but seriously, go there. Do it. Stop reading. GO NOW. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?

[Hells Malice] I'm pretty blown away by the amount you get. I don't think that picture really captures how huge that banana split is. It nearly killed me to eat 3/4 of it, and I ain't small like Chary. Incredible. Definitely going back for some more. The oldschool candy sold there is a nice touch, got a ton of that too. Woo liquid candy in wax bottles.

[Chary] Sour cherry gummy coke bottles! I've been introduced to those, only to have to go home next week and never eat them until next E3! Heart break.


[Chary] Oh my gosh I'm dying. I was kinda hungry for like, 99c cheap ramen. Instead we got like, ultra ramen, and you got a crapton of stuff! This place was a liiiittle pricey, but man was it good. I feel like I'd go back, at least if I lived in the area.

[Chary] Shoutout to online ordering and your blessed 'first time use 10$/off' coupons. Woohoo!

[Hells Malice] Definitely worth. Steak cooked in teriyaki sauce, a variety of deepfried veggies, a nice salad with peanut dressing, and gyoza. Dayum. Super good. Tried the ramen and it was great too. Always fun to try new things, and funner when it actually turns out to be good...and not spicy boiled water with a million bamboo shoots...yep i've gotten that before.

[Hells Malice] Holy crap that's a lot of food. Prob should've done two days but I was too lazy to get this going for day 1. So there ya have it peeps. Stay tuned for more food, cuz who doesn't love looking pictures of delicious food? Should have some great stuff coming up.

Thanks for readin'.
(and yes I used Chary's account so we'd tag a billion people muahahahahahaha)

[Chary] You monster! You've gone mad with power! Now everyone reading this will be hungry!! Eeeevil!

Thanks everyone! Hope this was as fun to read as it was to eat!!


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