• The other day I was remembering some childhood good times when tossing away things I no longer need from my atic, then found a Pokémon poster from the 90's featuring a particular Pokémon that got my atention.


    Let me take a clearer picture and a bit of zoom in...


    I thought that I was experiencing a Mandela effect, since last I checked, Dugtrio looked like this:


    Then I said "No fucking way, there must be something behind all of this shit, and my brain hurts" (somethint that only happens to me when something fishy is involved) and started to do some research. Something inside me told me that the angry triplet of moles were there from the beggining, and I was right.

    From the official Ken Sugimori artwork:


    To the original sprites:


    Their fury even carried over to the 3D games, these wer developers actually cared for proper and good battle animations:


    And yet, at some point, Dugtrio chilled out. Dugtrio's sprites were angry up until Black/White:

    Look at those mad bois.

    But for some reason we now have this:


    IMO the personality has gone! Now they look even more like three Diglets growing out of the same body (?) Where is the fun in that? I find the angry trio better.
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