• so i was going to go for a skateboard trip right, because i'm a little rusty despite me skating for a long time, and i ended up at this church with some great curbs to practice ollieing onto. so i skated around for like a few hours, even went and got a slurpee to sooth my thirst even though i should have bought or brought water(next time for sure). and like, then a bunch of people came out of the church and started yelling at me for no reason. obviously there was a reason, as to why i was being yelled at. but at the same time, i was causing no harm and i stayed clear of the parked cars indefinitely. so i picked up my skateboard, and ignored them yelling at me just to see what happens. then this pope or whatever it was started running towards me at a slow jogging pace, and i was like bruh what are you doing.

    "you are not allowed to skateboard here! see the sign!" and he pointed to a sign that said "no scootering."

    i was tired, and i did want to go home, so just to have a little bit of fun i told him: "sir, with all due respect, this travelling device is called a skateboard, not a scooter."

    he left to go back inside the church and i continued to ride for maybe 10 minutes. but then... what seemed to be three KARENS came out and all started to tell me to leave. so i was like, "oh snap, i've seen people like you on youtube so i'll go." and i left.

    moral? nothing. i'm going back there on SUNDAY(church day or whatever) and i'm gonna see what happens. i'm also going to wear the most inappropriate shirt i can find.

    just kidding, about the shirt part.

    besides from that, i was doing pretty good at getting up onto the curbs, which was difficult for me to do in the near past.


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