• When I look back on the last decade, I've started to come to absolute classics that have never gotten the recognition they deserve. This movie is one of those. The Amazing Bulk is a social commentary on the super-hero medium and how it affects human society. The themes are original and thought-provoking, the effects are all amazing, the characters are compelling, and it delivers an endlessly cohesive package. The Amazing Bulk really does live up to it's name. It's amazing, and worth your time than any other movie I've seen in recent memory. To think of it, this is worth more of your time than any other movie of all time. It's absolute perfection, and the absolute best piece of media in the last 20 years. Masterpiece. This is one of if not the absolute movie I've ever seen. Who ever knew this naked purple guy's movie could bring out such an emotional response. Even as I'm writing this, I'm crying. This movie is the best ever made, and it challenges the likes of Superman 64 or Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing as the best piece of media ever made. As somebody who is starting to look to video games as the leading medium of the entertainment industry, The Amazing Bulk gives me hope that movies can indeed deliver similar to the best gaming has to offer. We need a squeakal. Watch this movie right this instance. You might just appreciate it as much as me. 100000000/10, watch it now. If I was to recommend a version, it would be the DVD release. Not only is the cover amazing, but it includes some exclusive commentaries, giving you a word into the struggles and tribulations of the development of this movie, allowing you to appreciate it even more.

    Pictures of this masterpiece:

    Our god looking at your ugly face

    Our god running from the popo-lice


    Our god doing a cool-aid man.
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