• Okay, so.. This is probably gonna be pretty brief. I'm not a huge RPG guy. The only RPGs I've really played for long periods of time are Pokemon games. But recently, I've been trying to actually finish some of the RPGs I've been meaning to for a long time. First, I tried Aria of Sorrow and got to a point where my interest just kinda fizzled and I moved on. I feel kinda guilty doing that, but it's difficult to force myself to play a game I'm not really enjoying anymore, and there's other things I want to start on. Like Twilight Princess, or finally finishing Ocarina of Time. Sometimes, though, after a bit of a break, I feel like coming back to it-- Although it's hard to actually remember where the hell I was, what I was doing, et cetera, et cetera.. Any ideas on how to get me to like, actually stick with an RPG to the end? Maybe just.. shorter games?


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