• i am starting this late. because i didn't think i would be this involved in it but here i am needing to write shit down so i don't get lost in space and time. of course i could just do it all on a doc but that's no fun.

    day 1 of making mario kart 7 course with no experience at all.

    i am making a mario kart course. it will be a simple course, because i still need to learn lots. but yeah so it is going to be a simple "8" and you drive around on it. cool.

    i opened up blender to make my model. i am following a guide i found here on gbatemp and a bunch of other things. just really looking for whatever seems right and doing what i can. i ripped some romfs from my mario kart game to work with, well i tried. so i couldn't do that so instead i just took some .szs file off of gamebanana and opened that in blender to see the measurements and width of the track mainly. but it took me a while to get there because i never really used blender before much so i didn't know how to fix the fucking render distance. since the road width is a staggering 300m and the maximum draw distance was like 1000m i needed to get really close to do stuff with the model. then i found out how to change the draw distance and clipping properties.

    i made two platforms crossing each other. well, one was above the other about 400m higher. next i needed to put in a curved ramp. i tried using blender for this and i just couldn't figure out how to do it for the life of me. so i tried using sketchup. but the motherfuckers made it so i need to use their dumb web program but thankfully my dad had the last version of the free downloadable version of sketchup saved so he sent me a copy of that and then i got started using sketchup to do the curved ramps. it took me about 3 minutes to do in sketchup.

    next i decided to see what i needed to do with efe. the guide said to make my .obj(model) into a certain file type so i did. then i went to bed.
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