dev log day 2

TomRannd By TomRannd, Jul 26, 2020 0 0

  • so i originally had this all on one post but i realized that's lame and that why the fuck would i do that all on one post so here it is all on 2 posts soon to be three.

    day 2 of making a mario kart 7 course with no experience at all.

    so i woke up and ate food and then i went downstairs to work on my course as soon as i could. once i got started, i made a back up/copy of all the original files just in case. now i needed to work with the collision and stuff on the track.

    since i just have one material and only the floor. i could just use the same .obj i used for the normal model. so i did that and made it so. easy. then i needed to do some things with .kmp

    holy shit is this a pain in the ass. for a while i was very overwhelmed. there were a ton of lines and colors and shit everywhere and i had no idea what any of them do. soon i was eased into it and i managed to work with it just fine. about 5 hours later of making routes and other things i end up with this:
    Annotation20200725135058 (1).jpg
    so obviously it is quite messy. while i am actually okay with this, the biggest reason why i just made it messy was because all i want to do is manage to have my character, able to land and drive around on the course. or even load the course in without having it crash. once i do that, i can work from there.

    in the picture, the blue lines are actually the one things i have no idea what are for. same with the few brown/orange dots everywhere(they are for the cameras or something). i do not know how to use them or how they work. but when i used the template .szs(toad circuit) they had the lines around it so i did the same thing with my course. i didn't worry to much about enemy pathing because well who gives a fuck about that like i said i'm simply trying to just SPAWN on the map. i don't need to win no race or nothing. i want to be able to use my model in my game.

    i have tried putting the file together several times now, and trying it on the 3ds. but so far every time i load the track the game crashes right before i load in(after/during the white screen). i checked errors on the programs and i don't get any errors or warnings. i might try to redo it all, but use an official ripped romfs(from my gamecard). however, braindump(the program is see being suggested) is refusing to run on my 3ds.

    i guess i'll try again tomorrow.

    or not.

    so i actually had a nap and was like fuck it i am gonna try to rip my own romfs and work with those. so that's what i'm doing right now. no pirates were harmed.

    ripped rom files and then looked around in them. i think i've only gotten more confused. biggest reason as to why is because it seems like i've done everything right, yet my course doesn't work. going to try keeping all the same collisions and such and just import my model. i guess i will just knock off possible problems one by one. starting with the object/model.
    Annotation 2020-07-26 104609.png
    here i just aligned my track model with the starting point of the track i'm testing with. since i wont be editing anything but replacing the model, that means if i go too far on my model it will classify me as out of bounds. currently though, that is just fine. for i simply just want to fucking be able to like i dunno sit on the track with mario.

    loading into the game now. about to see if it works. i don't see a reason as to why it wouldn't work though. if it doesn't work, it's a problem with the model.

    moment of truth... and it doesn't work.

    right, so i'm gonna call it a night here but i will write down some last maybes so i don't die tomorrow:

    so i read somewhere, that maya or whatever is better for creating the model you drive on. not only does it remove lag and all that, but it does other things. i haven't been using maya simply because i don't have it. i will probably just sign up for student access and shit but i'll need to take pictures of my id yada yada and it's just a hassle. but if i need to i'll do it. another thing that might be causing the crashes are well... frankly i really don't fucking know. it could be the model, it could be the file size, it could be the guy named chris in sketchup, it could even be my 3ds. whatever. i'll figure it out. good night lol.


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