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    Recent OS updates have forced me to retire my venerable old Wacom Graphire2 graphics tablet. I like that my new Intuos Art tablet can double as a giant trackpad, but miss some features of the previous model - the eraser on the top of the pen and the pen stand. The Intuos has a fabric loop to hold the pen when not in use, but this is a bit fiddly for times when I just need to put the pen down for a second, but not have to fumble around my desk to find it again when I next need it.
    Clearly the answer is a pipe-cleaner pikmin to hold the hilariously-larger-than-itself pen. I will be making a base out of (clean!) ice lolly sticks that will slot into the compartment where the wireless module (sold separately for more than the tablet cost...) would go.
    Fortunately my local pound shop had a craft pack with most of the materials needed - pipe cleaners, pom-poms and googly eyes. The various parts are sewn together. I probably can’t be bothered buying a second pack for more dark blue pipe cleaners to cover up the rest of the light blue pom-pom body.
    It’s a couple of times taller than ‘life size’, as pikmin are only supposed to be 3 cm tall, and the pack didn’t have a white pom-pom for the bud, so I used the same pale blue as the body and head stuffing.

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