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    Hey everyone. Tonight, at 10 pm EST, I am starting my attempt at hacking the wii mini. I plan on live streaming this event for maybe about 2 hours, but it might go on longer if I am not exhausted and didn't totally bork this up. Whatever does not get completed will be scheduled for another night. I expect that the whole process to take about 10 hours.

    The order of this process is planned to go as follows
    1. Introduction
    2. Unboxing the wii mini
    3. Teardown the wii mini
    4. Remove nand chip from wii mini and dump it
    5. Bake the wii mini motherboard
    6. Teardown the donor wii
    7. Remove nand chip from donor wii and dump it
    8. Bake donor wii motherboard
    9. Clean off old solder from wii mini hollywood package and motherborad
    10. Reball the wii mini's hollywood package
    11. Clean off old solder from donor wii hollywood package and motherborad
    12. Reball the donor wii hollywood package
    13. Reflow wii mini's hollywood package and nand onto the donor wii motherboard
    14. Reflow donor wii's hollywood package and nand onto the wii mini's motherboard
    15. Partial reassembly of both wii's and initial testing.
    16. ???
    17. Profit!!!

    I expect that it will take me 2 hours just to get to dumping the nand chips. I will have to bake the wii motherboards to make sure that I remove all the moisture from the boards before I fully heat up the board for reflowing otherwise I could end up with some blistering and delaminating of the layers of the PCB. That process alone I want to run for a minimum of 3 hours, and I don't want to have to entertain a live stream for 3 hours while twiddling my thumbs, so at that point we will end the live stream.

    Come watch the live stream tonight on my Youtube and Streamlabs channels.


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