• day 3 of making a mario kart 7 course with zero experience

    alright, so i just woke up. had a bagel and now i'm ready to get started. i thought up of a thing to try, and it's not much different that what i tried yesterday night, but here it is.

    simply, all i'm going to do is add a single poly into the course. just one. i'll see if i can load that. i don't think it will make a difference but we will see i guess.
    if that doesn't work, i'm gonna try using the original course(mario circuit 2 is the one i'm using) and simple do a texture swap or two. maybe i'll change the textures into the garry's mod black and pink texture lol.

    going to re-install ctgp-7. i think a clean slate might be beneficial.

    alright, i cleaned up everything. cleaned it up as in reinstalled it.

    now, i will try doing a texture swap on one of the courses. i'll try doing it on a course already pre-packed with the mod and see if it works, because if it does then my problem might be something else. still don't know how or what to pinpoint it to though.

    good fucking news boys, it worked.
    so, now i'm going to try the same thing as before, but i will try putting a texture on my model. see if that does anything.
    update: instead of putting my model in, i'll take baby steps. see below.
    Annotation 2020-07-26 153244.jpg
    here i just put in a square right on the original course model with one of the textures provided. see if i can load that it. if i can do that, i have an insanely strong feeling the crashes were caused by me not having a texture on my course. man i'll feel stupid if that's the case.
    update update: i still feel stupid because i forgot everything is made with triangles.
    Annotation 2020-07-26 154032.jpg
    looky here!
    Annotation 2020-07-26 161126.jpg
    Annotation 2020-07-26 175800.jpg
    just replacing the model now.

    loading into ctgp-7 now. it doesn't work.

    i'm really stuck on what i need to do.

    it HAS to be the model or something along those lines. another thing it could be is the fact i don't have the model animations? in the original course, it has... WAIT! let me try something...

    ugh this is so exhausting lol. fuck man maybe i should try contacting someone who has experience with this.

    it has to be the model. it HAS TO BE. it's either that, or it's the animations. i need to figure out how to export the animations from the file...

    so, i found something interesting. a few things actually. so at this point i am so fucking confused lol. anyways, take a look at this:
    Annotation 2020-07-26 191557.jpg
    on the left we have the og model, while on the right we have the model i edited. what the fuck!? oh, and in this program here it doesn't show any animation files. while in the other program, it shows several(on the og .szs). WHAT!? oh, and one more thing to rant about... the file size, is different, obviously. but the og courses model is LESS than the one i edited! what the fuckkkk-

    okay. i just did a texture swap. fuck you. i'll try again tomorrow i guess.
    thanks for tuning in. i'm going to bed.
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