• I just realized I made a gigantic oopsie while translating; I DIDN'T KEEP THE COLOR CODING INTACT!:ohnoes:
    Screenshot from 2020-06-05 11-23-53.png
    Now I have to start all over again!

    And even if i did, then there's page 5, which ruined the whole "photoshop that female" method! Her picture is on top of the Switch, and there's no way I can remove her picture that smoothly! Now the only methods left are to ask TX for the unedited photos or leave her in! I did not have this much foresight, what do i do what do i do what do i do what do i do

    Current roadmap (Things in italics are done. Things in bold are incomplete.):
    1. Get the SX Core documentation
    2. Find a worthy font maker for Linux (i prefer raster over vector, but oh well).
    3. Make a Yoylese font
      1. Upload it to HTwins Central
    4. Translate the documentation
    5. Redraw the images Get the unedited photos from TX!
      1. Create an object character to replace the female (SX Pro)
      2. Redo the speech bubbles.
    6. Get TX to accept it


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