• OK, I got the SX Core documentation. Now begins turning Yoylese into an actual font. Second thing, I need a font maker for Linux. I tried BirdFont, but just couldn't get the hang of it.

    Meanwhile, I'll jump the gun as I have done probably too many times and have to ask you guys this: What object perfectly describes TX? You know that I can't live knowing I enabled an anime character onto my own translation for a piece of documentation, so I have to choose an object. But what that object will be is totally up to you. please suggest one. ;)

    Current roadmap (Things in italics are done.):
    1. Get the SX Core documentation
    2. Find a worthy font maker for Linux (i prefer raster over vector, but oh well).
    3. Make a Yoylese font
      1. Upload it to HTwins Central
    4. Translate the documentation
    5. Redraw the images
      1. Create an object character to replace the female
    6. Get TX to accept it
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  • Hambrew
  • Hambrew
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