evandixon I'm working on a way to easily change the playable characters in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. It's mostly going OK (missing animations and portraits, but otherwise works), but clearly I'm not doing something right: (spoilers because the images are huge; it's too early in the game to actually spoil anything, just be careful what you comment)
Warning: Spoilers inside!
That's supposed to be Ralts.

Same thing happens with Eevee:
Warning: Spoilers inside!

My reaction upon first seeing this:
Warning: Spoilers inside!

Previous, manual edits editing the same thing were successful (i.e. the correct models were shown). Time to go figure out what I did differently this time.

At least the regular models work.

Found the problem. Old code corrupted he footer of pokemon_actor_data_info.bin, and I never replaced it with a clean version.

I would guess that this model is either corrupt, or unused content, like this background image I found a while back:
Warning: Spoilers inside!

[edit 2]
The problem I found was unrelated. It seems this is just for Ralts and Eevee. All starters have high-res models used for closeups like in the above pictures. Ralts and Eevee have entries for high-res models, but their entries point to the "Dummy" Pikachu.
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