LuxerWap Accidents happens...a lot. At we least expect it.

Last Saturday, when I was running back home (it was dark outside), my Vita, which in my coat's pocket flung out and hit the gravel ground. Lucky for me, the screen wasn't damaged because it was in a case.

This case I had. I didn't like it. The case I bought from Walmart was for the Vita original, not comparable with my Vita Slim. It fits, but it felt wonky.

Anyway, after I picked the device up, I checked around to see if there's no damage yo the device. Unfortunately, there was a tiny chip and tiny bumps at the right edge of the system. I went home and started at it. If other folks see this damage, it wouldn't bother them. This bothered me a lot.

Ever since that damage, I hardly play my Vita. I want it to get it repaired, but knowing Sony, they're probably gonna do a Nintendo. Exchange the system, meaning no 3.60, no Adrenaline, no Henkaku, nothing.

This is a thing I have a problem with on my phone and my laptop. My phone occasionally drops, leaving bumps and scratches around the corners and my laptop encountered with the bricky ground when it try to set it down easily. I accidentally moved it over and now it got a small scrape on the corner.

My old 2DS had multiple drops and the screen teared up before I had a case. It was all over the place and it made me insane.

Being OCD to my devices is tough to handle, I try to stop worrying about them, but it just irritates me so much that I would completely lose it and start smashing my devices since I've been getting to think, "If it's damaged, it's no good".

I'm pretty sure you guys got a story to tell about your stuff being damaged right?


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