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  • Wow cyberbullying is pretty damn bad... we had a police constable come to school today, take up one precious period of PE just to be lectured about how the internetz is dangerous. 'pparently 1 in 6 children are bullied in some form using electronic devices (in New South Wales I think...). The constable then went onto say about bullying in online games (I believe usually for justified reasons eg. the guy being flamed is a total dickhead or absolute n00b who thinks they're so damn good), Internet crime (hehe warez) and Limewire (who actually uses this?). Then she (the constable) went on to ramble on about spam and not giving out passwords...

    The thing that struck me about this lecture was that the powerpoint presentation was sponsored by Microsoft. The whole presentation was laden with advertisements! That was disgusting. One of the points, and I quote, was "Xbox, the only safe way to play games online. People who disrupt games can be reported to Microsoft and dealt with. Private games can also be set up." My ass the Xbox is the ONLY way to stay safe. Ever heard of Hamachi? PS3? Servers with passwords? *Sigh*

    The next advertisement I saw was about preventing trouble from the internet. Another point was "You can protect yourself using Windows Vistaâ„¢, Liveâ„¢ One Care and playing games online with the Xbox360."

    Wowee, Windows Vista can save you from phishing and spam automatically! I might as well ditch XP 'cos I'll be so unsafe all my passwords will be stolen! And if I wanna stay safe playing an online game, I MUST play using the Xbox360!

    Thank you Mr. John Della Bosca (New South Wales' Education Minister) for allowing us to be filled with Micro$oft propaganda and learn about how amazingly stupid many Australian teenagers are!

    Ok enough rant :)


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