• I was bragging about how I nearly achieved a perfectly straight picture via service menu, not so long ago.
    I've noticed, that every single fucking time I move my TV from it's resting place, I get a little bit of geometry distortion afterwards.
    I didn't bothered, as the only distortion I noticed was on the left side of the screen... a liiiiiiitle bit of bowing.

    But now... I've noticed that ever since I last moved my TV (I change the position of my furniture quite often as I get bored by it easily) it's gotten way, way worse than before.
    To prove it, I've recorded a small video just so you can see how bothering is to play with a picture looking like this.

    Last time, I didn't had a proper way to document my shit, so I drew pictures with Inkscape instead.
    Now, apparently, I recorded at 50fps, which is very noticeable at some points.
    Also... I didn't bothered with the edition neither...

    I made the video in order to post it on r/crtgaming, which is a place in Reddit where you can get proper guidance by fellow members with way more experience than me, and they can tell me what's wrong with my TV... hopefully.
    As far as I know, it's a matter of moving the yolk and some magnets until I get a straight picture again... but others say that is a matter of replacing some capacitors (not resistors as I've mentioned before)
    So... I'm unsure on what to do... either way, it's going to be lots of fun because I'm risking myself to get electrocuted and that adds a little bit of adrenaline to the whole situation... that's fun :yay:
    Also... I plan to record the whole process of me opening the TV and sticking my hand in there while is still plugged and turned on (otherwise I'm not going to see what I'm modifying, so that's a must, unfortunately)
    So... if I ever get shocked, It will be recorded.
    The only problem is... who's going to upload the video if I get killed in the process?

    My laptop if filled with porn, and I don't want any of my family members go like: "Oh you son of a bitch, little dirty bastard, that's why you died"

    Aaaaaanyways... :rolleyes:


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