Owenge Hey it’s Owenge,
So if you can see my status updates, I’ve been building a new pc to replace my laptop for school and gaming (Why I chose the CPU I did). Anyway, here are the results, and the problems I ran into when build :lol::
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Problems I ran into:
1. I have big hands so I could never fit my fingers into small areas too get or place stuff.
2. The cables became overwhelming, and since it’s my first build I had small panic attacks.
3. All RBG’s aren’t connected to MB so it’s hell to sync everything (no biggy).
4. (Took forever to figure out) The GPU (Red Devil RX 580) comes factory overlocked so when I boot a game (Rainbow 6) it would instantly crash the whole pc.

1.Had to be careful.
2.I had to calm down and take it slowly.
3. Deal with it.
4. I had to increase the power going to the GPU.

Update: Here is the list

Ryzen 7 1700
Red devil RX580
MSI B350 Tomahawk
Team T-force Vulcan 8GB DDR4
Kingston A400 SSD
CoolMaster TD500

Overall a great build for $685
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