HamBone41801 So its been some time since I reinstalled windows, and I've found a really weird issue. I am unable to install iTunes. The error itself is not strange, and there are fixes for it (although I don't know why it wasn't an issue before). The strange part is the error message, as well as the fact that the fixes didn't seem to work. the error message seems to indicate that my cpu (or maybe the cpu it was expecting?) was made by amd (I have an intel processor, and there was no mention of intel in the error. just amd). This wasn't too big of an issue, as there are plenty of iTunes alternatives, however, now I'm starting to see other errors that seem to suggest that there is confusion as to what processor I have (I honestly don't even know how that's possible, so I'm probably dead wrong. I've tried googling the issue, but the closest thing involves people who changed their cpu). have any of you come across similar issues?


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