• In my previous blog post here I talked about how my younger self was ignorant when buying GBA games on ebay 15 years ago. So I ended up with four of my favorite games being bootleg copies without even knowing it all these years.:angry: For multiple reasons my collection of GBA games never expanded that much. One obvious reason was I did not make that much money back then but having a flashcard might also be a part of it :blush:. Saving for my drivers license and a car of my own also limited my gaming budget I guess....but it all sounds like lame excuses right? :teach:

    Whatever the reasons are/were it's time to expand my GBA collection!!! So I looked around on my favorite retro Nintendo webshop and seeing what it would cost to replace the bootleg's for the real thing. It was not going to be cheap I can tell you that...but I also wend a little overboard and got a few extra games :lol:. So here is my current collection (including the bootleg's and...ehm...homebrew carts ;) ):
    They might not all be the best jewels but some were cheap enough or interesting as a research object. Since the GBA has a really low resolution I can learn a few things to port my homebrew game Batterycheck to it....eventually. Mostly I want it to look better on the 3DS first but my interest in the GBA has been sparked enormously which also led to this...:

    Only the NES special edition was my own original store bought version from 15 years ago. Got the grey regular GBA when ordering among other things the zelda minish cap. I had wanted the original version for a long time but the non backlit screen kind of kept me away from it. It has lot's of scratches unfortunately on the screen that makes it really hard to play actually, but that got me looking for replacement parts and screens and other modding options. The grey SP and purple one only got in yesterday together with the new games:D Why do I need this many GBA's? Well I don't to be honest. But zelda fourswords could be an option one day now. Testing multiplayer with the link cable, using the GBA as a controller on the gameboy player on TV, or in the extreme case....replace the screen in one of the GBA's with the one from the grey SP to have a backlight. Neither of the SP's is an AGB-101 though so it won't be as good but it was one of the considerations. That grey SP is even more beat up and was really played and abused over the years it seems, luckily the screen is fine and barely scratched. Purple GBA has a couple of scratches but not as much as the grey GBA but it does have an issue with the power switch.

    My orignal NES edition looks almost good as new since I did not use it that much and I always take care of my consoles. It has always been in it's protective cover...and that one looks like it needs replacing though ;) For my new additions to the GBA family I am considering getting replacement shells and at least one of them will get an IPS v2 replacement! Even though the NES SP is in good condition it's backlight is still crap compared to even the original DS on which I have played through most of the minish cap actually. :wink: And while 50 euro for a screen replacement kit is not exactly cheap, it looks awesome in video's and is a lot cheaper than getting an AGS-101 at the aforementioned store: 160 euro's!!!

    Now I have multiple GBA's it's less of a risk to try multiboot and other stuff that might blow one up. I have been testing an example I found on github with a rapsberry pi (is there anything these things can't do???) since both work on 3.3v and that makes interfacing very easy. Tweaking that example I got a maximum speed of 28KB/s while uploading a 250KB example from devkitpro. Though at these high speeds the link is not very stable so it needs more tweaks and a better more reliable cable and connections. I just cut a link cable and hooked it up through a breadboard right now ;)

    So in the next few weeks/months I might be posting more crazy projects related to the GBA. So many ideas...too little time as always :D


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