Boogieboo6 I wanted to buy my family some nice things for Christmas, now that I have a job.
For my mom, I want to make a little Ms Pacman arcade cabinet. It's the only game she really plays, but she enjoys it and it's a unique idea.
For my sister, I want to get her a good, cheap pair of earbuds. I'd get a nice pair, but she has a tendency to lose her earbuds.
Now for my dad, this is the hardest one imo. He likes watches and wallets. He gets nice watches to replace older ones he gets, but here's the big problem: he works on cars and tends to smash the faces of his watches after a while.
So the whole reason I'm writing this blog: does anybody know a good watch, shiny or black doesn't matter, that won't shatter as easily as his previous watches?
Thanks everybody! Once I know what I'm getting, I can save up a bunch of money! If anybody has earbud suggestions, I'd be glad to hear those too!


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