Bye bye 3DS D:

Mr. Looigi By Mr. Looigi, Aug 14, 2019 18 6

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    My beautiful baby...
    But not in a weird way
    Anyway, this 3DS was a huge milestone for me, my first homebrewed console. I have to start everything all over again, because I screwed up the system majorly by doing nothing. This is why you back up your entire SD card kids.
    For some reason I never learn my lesson with this stuff
    Anyway, while I was formatting my card and stuff, it brought back a lot of memories. I remembered the countless hours of hard work I put into it, the days I spent waiting impatiently to get Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 3DS. And the day it came out, I realized it actually came out next month... I was so pissed :rofl:
    Anyway, I’m starting everything all over. Except for my cartridge games
    See y’all next time
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