This reminds me of how I discovered Pororo and The Land Before Time last year, and how they changed me.

I was also depressed off and on for several years. Last spring, I was looking for something new to watch. I saw the thumbnail for Pororo, and it immediately caught my eye. I was not that impressed after the first few episodes, but it kept getting better and better the further I watched. As more characters were introduced, new sci-fi and fantasy elements were added, and the episodes were longer with more complex stories, I couldn't get enough! There are even movies, including one where everyone was transported into a video game. There's also an AR app with lots of models that I have been ripping, and are currently pending approval on The Models Resource. I'd really like to make some ROM hacks to add Pororo to games.

As for The Land Before Time series, I'd heard of it before, but never watched any of it until last summer. My mom wanted to watch the final Wimbledon match, but we do not have a TV provider. She subscribed us to Hulu a few months before, so she did a 7 day free trial for their live TV package. I was browsing the listings, and the show caught my eye (I thought it was just a movie series, I had no idea that there was a TV show). I decided to give it a try, and I really enjoyed it! After the trial was over, I discovered that the entire TV series had officially been released on YouTube, so I binged the rest of it. Then, I downloaded HD rips of the movies with torrents, and just recently finished the last one from a few years ago.

Seeing all of these characters care so deeply about each other and overcoming such serious hardships, it gave me hope that life could get better. When people ask me what changed, I just tell them that I tried harder to improve.

(I don't feel comfortable telling them that I watch these and behave like a kid when I am alone. :shy: )
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Feb 9, 2020