• hi

    i am scarlet and this is a blog of big facts about me. if you dont agree with me then like

    you suck


    my opinions are the right ones

    • harvest moon ds is the best harvest moon (((THIS IS A FACT ABOUT ME BECAUSE I LIKE HARVEST MOON)))
    • i think orange is a rad colour
    • i think american english is fake english
    • i think fire emblem is the problem with today's youth
    • i believe in the power of positivity
    • i think people need to learn to ask for help without feeling like trash
    • i think hori's fake gamecube controller for the switch is the goat
    • i think counterfeit plushies are better than legit ones because theyre just ridiculous
    • i view men and dogs in a very similar light
    • i have a compulsion to buy anything related to storage⁠—notebooks, hard drives, memory sticks, whatever, i own too many of all of them
    • i am excited by passionate people
    • i think ladies should be able to decide what grows inside them
    • i dont like the idea of growing mushrooms in my closet

    thank you for reading, please dont reply if your a hater


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