• Well, as 2019 comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing (for better or for worse) on things I did this year, and this decade as a whole.

    And what better way to show that then to shamelessly plug the best of the music I've made these past 357 days?

    I'm not sure how many people here are actually aware of my music, so.. here!

    My number 1 favorite song I wrote this year has to be the full single release of Powder Snow.
    Just about everything came out exactly as it was in my mind, and came together in this perfect way.


    Number two is A Lo-Fi Space Jam To Cry To. (short title, eh?) I was listening to a lot of lo-fi remixes of songs I like and wanted to make something in this genre from scratch,
    and thus "A.L.F.S.J.T.C.T" was born. I wasn't 100% on how to end this one, and I'm still not a HUGE fan of the strings at the end, but.. Fun fact: Those strings are from the Final Fantasy 4 soundfont! So.. that's something, I guess.


    For my third pick, I'm going with Aroni.

    ..Hear me out on this one.

    It's not incredibly musically sound.. It was the result of just messing around with my friend TJ, but I still love it nonetheless. It was the first song I ever recorded with my bass (that I had just bought that day).


    And last but most definitely not least, the forth on this list is Lost. It's a bit repetitive looking back on it, but it's got a good.. energy to it. If someone were to add lyrics, or something on top of it, there's a lot of potential for greatness.
    I still love the raw emotion in both the solo, and those chords.


    Anyways.. I hope y'all like all've this stuff. It's been a great year even with all of the rockiness I've been through, and I'm looking forward to another, hopefully even better one next year. Happy holidays, gamers.
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