• How to choose a suitable game console is one of a great matter for both Newbie and Veteran game players. Even though you have purchased a game console, you may be attracted by the other functions that your Game console doesn’t have. In another case that if you want to purchase a gift to others, you may run into a headache problem since there are various video game console that you can take into consideration, leading to the difficulty of making a fast decision. I’ve been there before. Then, what should you do?

    Never mind and I am going to share you with the best game console for newbie and veteran in 2020. You can come and pick up your preferred one.


    • Tips: What should you need for gameplay?

    Must Picks Best Game Console: Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

    Price: $399.99

    Storage: 1TB

    For Who: Every Gameplayer, Newbie or Veteran

    Highlight Features:

    #1 High-cost performance with 4K HDR 10 compatibility.

    #2 Heated gameplay and little-known gameplay is available.

    #3 Upgraded GPU will offer the best gameplay experience.


    Cannot play PS3 disc and expensive.


    4K Movies Lovers & Players Pick: Xbox One S

    Price: $299

    Storage: 1 TB

    For Who: Veteran game players with the request for the high image quality

    Highlight Features:

    #1 Built-in with 4K Blue Ray player and HDR, high image quality is available.

    #2 Over 100 console exclusive and a growing library on Xbox Games is available.

    #3 Various free games for the game player to play without payment.


    According to Businessinsider, it is hard to render games in 4K.


    Hangout Gameplayers Loves: Nintendo Switch (My love)

    Price: $299.99

    Storage: 32GB

    For Who: Newbie and Veteran gameplayer.

    Highlight features:

    #1 Tiny and easy to use game console.

    #2 Allow you to get your friends and family members together to play with 2 handles.


    The storage and the game libraries are not sufficient enough for game players to store more games.


    For Young Kids: New Nintendo 3DS XL

    Price: $129.99

    Storage: 1GB

    For Who: Young Newbie Gameplayer

    Highlight Features:

    #1 Sundry fun games for kids and their family members to have fun.

    #2 Exclusive games are available such as Mario.

    #3 Parent controls are available for building a good gameplay environment for kids growing.

    #4 3D mode is available when kids want to enjoy the game in a 3d way.


    May be out of stock now, you can get one on GameStop.


    For Retro Lovers: Sega Genesis Mini

    Price: $49.99

    Storage: 512 MB

    For Who: Newbie and Veteran Gameplayer

    Highlight Features:

    #1 Retro lovers will love its retro appearance.

    #2 Enjoy 80s or 90s game the console on Sega.


    It has lots of built-in games, leading to a lack of internal storage.


    There is still more game console which is worth taking into consideration. Just listed the best game console from my point of view. If you have others good but not listed on this post, you can leave a comment to shout out to your favorite game console.

    Tips: What should you need for gameplay?

    SD Card:

    Price: $27.42

    You may have noticed that there are some game consoles on which has a little memory if you download and play more games. Then it is highly recommended to get an SD card ready for expanding the memory. SanDisk MicroSDXC can solve your problem at ease. For example, with SanDisk, you can expand the memory on Switch to a maximum of 256GB for storing more games.


    Game Capture Card:

    Must Pick: Elgato HD 60S

    Price: $179.99

    Elgato HD 60s game capture card is one of the best game capture cards. Since a majority of game consoles has no functions of recording gameplay, it is hard for newbie or veteran game players to record your best skills during playing games. Then you can get a video game capture card for help.


    Screen Recording Software:

    OBS or TuneFab Screen Recorder:

    OBS: Free

    TuneFab Screen Recorder: $34.95 for Lifetime, $24.95 for one-year.

    OBS is free and fully compatible with various systems, Windows, Mac, and Linux. But since it is free, sometimes some strange errors will occur, such as blank screen, failed to start recording, recording errors “An encoder error occurred while recording”, and more. Thus, here I will recommend my way to record gameplay on pc. And TuneFab Screen Recorder is such a tool that allows you to record any gameplay and store as MP4, WMV, AVI, M4V, MOV, and more. With TuneFab Screen Recorder, I manage to record Nintendo Switch gameplay when I playing games with my boyfriends.


    That’s all for the Best Game Console you can take into consideration. Let me know if you have any points of view toward this post.


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